Sunday, January 10, 2010

The 4DK Search Term Tweet-a-thon

Never let it be said that I don't take requests. Case in point: One of my fellow bloggers asked that I share with the world the various search terms -- culled via the ever handy Google Analytics -- that bring people to this blog. The assumption behind this, I think, was that the search terms used by my potential readers would somehow be more perverse and nasty than those associated with the sites of some of my peers. I have no idea where this assumption might have come from.

Okay, yes I do. If you've ever written the words "rape", "midget", the term "face pissing", or the name "Amrish Puri" on your blog -- to which I respond "guilty", "guilty", "guilty" and "oh, hell yes" -- doing a survey of your search terms can be a pretty dispiriting exercise. It's not all bad news, though. Rather than being off-puttingly pervy, some of them are merely puzzling, often amusing, and occasionally rich with pathos. Of course, there's also an awful lot of the off-puttingly pervy stuff, too.

So, yes, I am going to share. But it occurred to me that the bite-sized format of the search term was ideal for Twitter. So, rather than just posting a list of my favorites, I'll be tweeting them at odd intervals -- with original grammar and spelling held sacrosanct, of course -- for twenty-four hours starting at 5 pm today (Sunday). I think that this will provide all of you who are in the know with a better opportunity to really appreciate these isolated explosions of Tourettes-like search speak in all of their beautiful randomness. Everyone else will just think I'm drunk as fuck.

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houseinrlyeh aka Denis said...

This will lead to some very interesting bots following you on Twitter, I'm sure.

Beth Loves Bollywood said...

The labels you put on this post are also awesome.

I very rarely look at the search terms that bring people to BLB. And now I will have to, obviously.

Todd said...

House: Yes, and also me losing those few actual flesh-and-blood followers that I have. But it's a sacrifice that must be made.

Beth: Yes, have a look. And then tweet along, if you'd like.

memsaab said...

That may actually get me onto Twitter!

And yes, I plead guilty to feeling somehow that your search terms would be more...interesting...than mine. Not necessarily perverse, but interesting!

"Rich with pathos"...niiiiiiiiice :D

sunil said...

that was fun!

Keith said...

Search strings are a terrifying and hilarious look into the dark heart of human obsession. I'm in. I'll post a search term of the day in our righthand nav bar (my twitter feed is too full of important professional info, like things about how I like cake")

Keith said...

No sooner did I post that than I had an awstats failure that wiped all my data. Oh well. I'll pick this up again in a few months

Todd said...

The thought of all that crude poetry being lost to the ages like that breaks my heart.