Thursday, April 19, 2018

It's the FRIDAY'S BEST POP SONG EVER podcast episode #6

As new episodes of the Friday's Best Pop Song Ever podcast come faster and faster, we move closer to our goal of it becoming a weekly, rather than a monthly podcast, and from there to it becoming an inescapable part of everyday life, like work and sleep. Until that happens, though, be sure to enjoy the latest episode, which concerns "Haunted", a song by the Pogues that appeared on the soundtrack of Alex Cox's 1986 film Sid and Nancy. If you're unaccustomed to hearing a song by the Pogues described as "beautiful" and "lilting", you best listen to this episode, where I uncover the band's secret weapon, bassist and vocalist Cait O'Riordan.

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Monday, April 16, 2018

Pop Offensive - You're covered with it!

I ask you, what’s better than a good cover version? A good original song is the obvious answer. But don’t tell that to the two dozen or so artists featured on this Wednesday’s Pop Offensive, each of whom present us with their own take—whether reverent, sarcastic, or indifferent—on another artist’s song. The result is what you might call two hours of inspired unoriginality. But whatever you call it, what is indisputable is that it is streaming live from on Wednesday, April 18th at 7pm Pacific. If you can’t listen yourself, have a proxy do it for you.

Monday, April 2, 2018

Get offended.

Last Wednesday, I returned from yet another calamitous illness to deliver a Pop Offensive of almost unprecedented intensity, sending the internet into a frenzy of head bobbing, toe tapping, hip swiveling, and rump shaking. It was part of a recurring survival narrative that has become part of the fabric of Pop Offensive itself. If you don’t believe me, just stream the archived version of the show, which has just been uploaded to the Pop Offensive Archives.