Wednesday, October 7, 2009

It's the 4DK Animalympics! Round 4

Peter from Rani aur Jaani

Skill Set: Marksmanship

In Rani Aur Jaani, Peter belongs to the character played by Aruna Irani, so he gets extra points for having a cute owner. And when his mistress's life is in danger, and the only weapon at hand is a revolver, Peter's motto seems to be, "Opposable thumbs, my ass!" Take that, Shetty! When I saw this scene I literally thought it was the most outrageous thing I'd seen in an Indian movie. And I'm talking all week!


Michael Barnum said...

I really need to take Dog Bosco to Mumbai. I am pretty darn sure he could be a star.

memsaab said...

Michael, take me and Gemma with you! She looks stunning in a dupatta wrapped as a sari, with a bindi in the middle of her little white forehead :) (Stunning, but cranky.) Best hero-heroine pair ever, I'll bet.

Todd, I had forgotten all about Peter. Need to rewatch this film ASAP. I am so glad you are doing this public service here.

Todd said...

Public service is what I'm all about. Maybe Gemma and Bosco can be part of Animalympics: The Next Generation.

Beth Loves Bollywood said...

Don't forget Leroy! He does not take kindly to costumes but he is really, really good at moving small objects around with his paws. I can just hear him thinking "If ONLY I had thumbs! If ONLY I had thumbs!"

Actually, Leroy is probably more the Rajendranath of the ani-pal world. But your pair will need a comic sidekick, so we're totally on board.