Friday, March 4, 2016

Tommorow! The 4DK Monthly Movie Shout Down cast their big eyes upon LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD AND THE MONSTERS

The 4DK Monthly Movie Shout Down makes its long awaited return tomorrow, Tuesday, March 8th ( I know I said the date was the 9th in the earlier post, but that was the work of demons.) Our feature for the evening will be Little Red Riding Hood and the Monsters, K. Gordon Murray's English dubbed version of the fractured Mexican fairytale Caperucita y Pulgarcito contra Los Monstruos. If the moth eaten animal costumes on view in the trailer linked below cause you traumatic flashbacks to Santa Claus and the Ice Cream Bunny, fear not. This film is way better than that. For one thing, stuff actually happens in it; characters go from place to place, ambulate from one end of the room to the other, etc. Oh, and there are songs, but the less said about those the better.

So here's how it's going to go down. Tomorrow, I will post a link to the complete film on this here blog. The rest is on you. Simply log in to Twitter at 6pm Pacific Time and, using the hashtag #4DKMSD, tweet along with us as we all watch the movie together in the greatest expression of the internet's community building potential ever. We will have a seat with a specially engraved nameplate waiting for you and will be gravely disappointed if you don't show.

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