Tuesday, March 15, 2016


There are a few things you can count on from an episode of Pop Offensive: Jeff will at one point speak in a string of baffling non sequiturs, Todd will once again fail to find a Eurovision song that is enjoyable without some degree of irony, a giggling reference to "nuggets' will be made, etc. But most importantly, you can always depend on us to bring you an astonishing mix of highly danceable pop obscurities from around the world. We'll be doing all of that again tonight, Wednesday, March 16th, at 7pm. As always, you can stream us live from kgpc969.org. Also, if you look out your window right now and you can literally see the KGPC studio, you are probably close enough to pick up our mighty 100 watt signal at 96.9 FM. Of course, you can also stream the episode at a later date from the Pop Offensive Archives, but, please, listen to it live. That way you can hear all of the mistakes that we will edit out of the archived version.

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