Thursday, March 8, 2012

Drive-In Mob tonight!: Village of the Giants and Attack of the Puppet People

Sartre was right: Hell is other people. And  -- as drive-in movie dynamo Bert I. Gordon has shown us again and again -- that applies no matter what size they are, be they a cyclopean Ron Howard or a travel kit ready John Agar. The Drive-In Mob invites you to join us then as we tonight enter the hell that is Gordon’s Village of the Giants, starting at 8pm EST, followed at roughly 9:30pm EST by the grueling torment that is Attack of the Puppet People. The IMDB describes the latter as the tale of a “lonely, deranged puppet-master”, and what more appropriate place for loneliness and derangement than Twitter? We guaranty you plenty of both if you will only agree to diminish yourself by following and tweeting along with us using the Twitter hashtag #DriveInMob. You have nothing to lose but your normal human proportions. Both films can be streamed from Netflix Instant. More details can be found at the official Drive-In Mob site.

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