Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tweet-a-thon 2011, the morning after

Thanks to everyone who followed along with, and participated in, the 2nd Annual 4DK Search Term Tweet-a-thon yesterday. I think you’ll all agree that the internet’s legions of furtive seekers of arcane knowledge and illicit thrills provided us with a very strong selection of search terms this year -- so much so that, rather than singling out one favorite, as I did last year, I’m going to have to hand out accolades divided by categories. And so it goes…

The “Don Van Vliet memorial ‘titles for Captain Beefheart songs that never were’” Award goes to:

cameltoe jetset

(1st runner up)

bomb making sexy drug ape killer

The “Insanity + typos + horniness = this” award goes to:

hideen shower espy flagrant of onanism

The “Really?” award goes to:

bob christo sex scene

The “I don’t know whether to laugh, cry, or call the FBI” award goes to:

haw to kill my bose

The “I meant 'tard' as in TARDIS” award goes to:

how much does it cost to teleport to 12 dimension space rapture

(Tied with)

thing to know if you get teleported to accident rome

The “I desperately hope this exists” award goes to:

Hallooween costumes sultan rahi

The “What were you thinking, wait, don’t answer that” award goes to:

belly dancers pretending to die

The “International Studies” award goes to:

what pill in the Philippines can instantly kill

The “not that there’s anything wrong with that” award goes to:

feline gayness

And, finally, the coveted “WTF, celebrity edition” award goes to:

hugh hefner from batman dies

I was also very pleased to see other bloggers and webmasters contributing their own entries, among which were some real gems, including…

Tars Tarkas: kill the lady with a mokey hand

Cinema Chaat: permed hair 2010

Memsaabstory: the internet site http://memsaabstory.wordpress.com
[Which, when you think about it, is like pulling into a gas station and asking for directions to that versy same gas station. Brilliant!]

The Horror!?: impressive mediocrity

Keep searching for the stars, everybody! Tweet you next year.


Ben said...

You get way better search terms that I do.

I am in awe of the lifestyle and/or mental state of whoever typed "things to know if I get teleported to ancient rome" into google.

memsaab said...

I am...proud?...to have the stupidest searcher looking for my blog (although come to think of it, it may well have been my computer illiterate mother).

Todd said...

Ben: Yeah, who knew all this teleporting was going on out there? Makes me feel pretty pedestrian.

Memsaab: You should be proud indeed. And, yes, I suspect that a lot of these searches were concocted by the very young or the very old. Still, funny.

Beth Loves Bollywood said...

Damn job, keeping me from important projects. I must scurry off to look up my own, though it is hard to imagine that 1) I will get anything nearly as good as yours and 2) anything will top "really cool pic of Salman Khan on a bike" from a few years ago.

Todd said...

And were you able to deliver upon that request?

Beth Loves Bollywood said...

Sadly no. Though if I ever do find such a thing - and I have little doubt it exists, even though "really cool" is so complicatedly relative - I will post it posthaste.