Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Pearl gone wild

This month over at Teleport City we're celebrating female stars of martial arts cinema, which gave me the perfect excuse to focus on madwoman Pearl Cheung Ling and her demented directorial effort Wolf Devil Woman.

Pearl is notoriously difficult to find information on, and, on a related note, I'd like to thank Durian Dave of the sadly now retired Soft Film blog for his help in culling what precious little biographical data on her that I could, and also my friend Wylen for his help with translation. You might think that's an awful lot of manpower to dedicate to a review of a film that's basically concerned with a woman with a stuffed animal on her head ripping chickens in half with her bare hands, and you'd probably be right. But what can I say? We live to serve.


sparaflAsh said...

Amazing.. Wolf devil woman is on my eternal must-see list, but I've always waited because of the absurd dubbing.. By the way I've always wondered on Pearl Cheung as director.. It sounds so strange on those years to have a woman director for an gongfu flick.. An interview with her is needed and I wonder if someone outside there knows how to find her..

Todd said...

I can't imagine an interview with Pearl not being VERY interesting indeed. I'd love to see that.