Thursday, July 29, 2010

Friday's best pop song ever

The original and the best.


Radio Schmaydio said...

What?! Have you no respect for The Koobas?

Actually, I associate this song with the pizza place I grew up with where they had Rod's version on the juke.

Now I'm idly wondering if P.P. Arnold and P.J. Proby every got it on. Would they have children named PPPJ? Which I think you would have to pronounce "Peepage."

Todd said...

And if she coupled with BJ Thomas, their kid could be named PBJ. But the worst thing for the kid wouldn't be having that name, but having a father named "BJ".

You know, I do like the Koobas version. I'd even say that's my second favorite. I just like P.P. Arnold's voice and the slightly baroque arrangement on this one more.