Thursday, February 18, 2010

Seven days of 70s Bollywood

Starting on Monday, I'll be participating in a week long blog-a-thon -- masterminded by my pal Beth over at Beth Loves Bollywood -- paying tribute to the films of 1970s Bollywood. Each day I'll be focusing on one of my favorite Bollywood films from that decade, resulting, I hope, in you novices out there ending the week with a handy guide to some of the best that Hindi cinema has to offer. As I told Beth, a list of my favorite Bollywood films from the 70s is a list of my favorite Bollywood films period; you just can't beat that era's films for dazzling color, alluring stars, outlandish action and irresistible tunes. And I wouldn't hesitate to recommend these seven films to anybody, regardless of taste.

Be sure to also check out the other blogs, in addition to Beth's and mine, that are participating in this event, who at this point include:

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