Monday, February 22, 2010

Seven days of 70s Bollywood: Dharam-Veer

[This post is part of a week long blog-a-thon, masterminded by Beth of Beth Loves Bollywood, paying tribute to the films of 1970s Bollywood. Be sure to check out the other participating blogs for more about the best decade ever in the history of Indian film-making!]

Dharam-Veer (1977)
Directed by Manmohan Desai
Written by J.M. Desai, Kader Khan, K.B. Pathak, Prayag Raj & Pushpa Sharma
Starring: Dharmendra, Zeenat Aman, Jeetendra, Pran, Neetu Singh, Jeevan, Sheroo the Wonder Bird
Music by Laxmikant-Pyarelal

You'll find that most of the films in this countdown of mine are contemporary urban thrillers, with one notable exception being Dharam-Veer. Which is... what exactly? Well, in short, it's knights in shining armor, pirates, gladiators, gypsies, samurai, midgets, Dharmendra in a black leather mini-skirt, and Sheroo the Wonder Bird -- all of which, once discovered, beg the question: How could I not have known this existed?

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Beth Loves Bollywood said...

One of the bestest films ever! Glad you put it front and center where it belongs!