Saturday, November 7, 2009

Just for the awesomeness

Behold the Spotnicks, a Swedish instrumental group who, during their early 60s heyday, performed dressed in awesome looking spacesuits. I've found that not only do I enjoy these clips for the visual joy they provide, but also that I really dig the group's music, which sounds like it emanates from some spectral meeting point between Les Paul and Joe Meek.

I also think that this hypnotic clip for their "Spotnicks Theme" is sheer brilliance:

And guess what? They're still together! No sign of the spacesuits though.


memsaab said...

They deserve mad props for still being together! Perhaps the spacesuits helped?

Todd said...

Perhaps. But why aren't they still wearing them? Maybe they're made of hardier stuff, but I think for my part I'd want to wear a spacesuit when I reach that age. For one thing, I think it would be an efficient way of dealing with the incontinence issues.

Michael Barnum said...

I think I have a new favorite band!