Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Dirty Harry: The Musical!

Really, can you think of two cinematic aesthetics more opposed than those of Hollywood and Bollywood during the 70s? While Hollywood had Friedkin and Scorsese, Bollywood had Manmohan Desai and Rajkumar Kohli. Where Hollywood’s films were full of urban grit and cinema verité style, Bollywood’s were full of blinding color and outlandish levels of artifice. This did not, however, deter Indian B movie king Mohammed Hussain from forging ahead with a remake of Don Segal’s Dirty Harry -- one in which he attempted to meld those two very different sensibilities with very interesting results. Read my full review of Khoon Khoon, just posted over at Teleport City.


David said...

There is talk of a real 'Magnum Force' musical in London!

Todd said...

I hope they can somehow recreate on stage the car chase in which the participants go from one far-flung San Francisco neighborhood to the next with the mere turn of a wheel, eventually somehow ending up on the bridge on their way into the city.