Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Mummies and wrestlers and midgets. Oh my!

The theme of this month's review roundtable over at the B-Masters Cabal is the alternative living dead (aka "The Other Dead Meat"), a no-zombies-allowed appreciation of all of those other less comforting conceptions of the afterlife that can be found throughout the darker reaches of world cinema. My humble contribution is a review over at Teleport City of the Mexican wrestlers vs. monsters epic The Mummies of Guanajuato, a film that, for the first time, teamed the three biggest stars in lucha libre -- Santo, Blue Demon and Mil Mascaras, pitting them against a disorderly gang of unaccountably muscular mummified remains.


Rum said...

Wrestlers, midgets,and mummies all in a Mexican movie, you should check out the terrrrible Punjabi movies Dara did in the 60's. Full of these three and obviously dara picks a few midgets up and swings them around a bit, his Punjabi crazy movies are in a league of their own coz they're sooo awfully-brilliant! Dara and his Punjabi movies and Mexican movies are soo universal in their wrestlers!

Todd said...

You're right, Rum. I've already examined the eerie parralels between the careers of Dara Singh and Santo in another post. Of course, Santo's movies really could have benefited from the presence of Helen or Mumtaz, and I would love to have seen Dara fight Dracula or Frankenstein the way Santo did. Though Dara did fight King Kong... sort of.

Keith said...

If anyone has some money to throw around, I'll start working on the movie that pairs Santo with Dara to fight Frankenstein, one of those monsters from one of those movies with "Khooni" in the title, and of course, the Turkish El Santo. Frankenstein already has song and dance experience thanks to House on Bare Mountain and all those novelty songs from the 60s.

I will also need a time machine to complete this film, but that should be easy enough.

Todd said...

A friend of mine says that the only thing missing from Santo and Blue Demon vs. The Monsters is a scene where all of the monsters go-go dance. We can go back and correct that mistake!

And then, of course, we'll kill Hitler.