Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I can haz Hausu?

There was quite an interesting post on Kaiju Shakedown today regarding Nobuhiko Obayashi's twisted 1977 masterpiece Hausu, a film that I reviewed for Teleport City back in April. At the time I lamented the movie's unavailability on US DVD. Well, it turns out, according to KS's Grady Hendrix, that none other than Criterion bought the rights to Hausu some years ago, and the company has been sitting on a nice looking HD master of the film for quite some time with no immediate plans for a release. This, of course, is both good news and bad, because the thought of a Criterion quality release of this gem is enough to make me salivate out of my eyes. On the other hand, for there to be a release, Criterion has to, um, release it. Grady supplies an email link in his post so that you can email Criterion and politely let them know just how much you want them to release that movie where the lady gets eaten by a piano. Sounds like a good idea to me.

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