Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Bat Girls, Blue Falcons and Black Roses

Yesterday I posted images of some lobby cards from my pal David Wells' collection for the super boss looking Josephine Siao film Blue Falcon. Now David -- who is also the webmaster of the Connie Chan appreciation site Movie-Fan Princess -- informs me that he will be sharing further treasures from his vaults via his brand new blog Soft Film (in fact, he's already got some images up of flyers and a soundtrack EP from another crazy-looking Siao vehicle, Lady Killer aka Bat Girl.) These will include posters, lobby cards, leaflets, handbills and other ephemera documenting the vibrant pop cinema of 1960s Hong Kong. There will definitely be some revelations here for those whose awareness of HK film from this period doesn't go beyond the output of Shaw Brothers or Cathay.

Though it means that my lazy ass is losing a source of non-labor intensive content for my own blog, I'm excited about this development, because I'm dying to see all of the insane stuff he's had locked away.

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