Sunday, February 10, 2008

Guest reviews at Teleport City and Jet Set Cinema

I've been invited to cross-post some of my reviews at Teleport City and its sister blog Jet Set Cinema. That's a real honor for me, because to my mind Teleport City is simply the best site dealing with international cult cinema on the web; it's consistently literate, funny and informative, with a refreshingly unapologetic attitude about skewing toward the darker regions of the cinematic spectrum. More importantly, Teleport shows a deep appreciation, as I do, for the work of Mogambo himself, Mr. Amrish Puri, which is why I've chosen to inaugurate the relationship by posting my review of Mr. India, one of that fine Bollywood actor's crowning achievements. Once you've checked that out, please head over to Jet Set Cinema for my take on the Shaw Brothers' 1968 proto girls-with-guns swank-fest Temptress of a Thousand Faces. I'm also planning on writing some exclusive content for both sites within the coming weeks, so keep your eyes open (as seen below).

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