Friday, October 7, 2016

Pop but not forgotten

Todd, what's this your mother is telling me about you not posting a link to the last Pop Offensive? That was back in the middle of September, wasn't it?

Gosh, dad, there was just so much going on, what with Fantastic Fest and a new episode of Taiwan Noir coming up. I guess I forgot.

Well, son. What I'm hearing from you now is excuses, but not any suggestion of what you might do to make up for your mistake.

Gee, dad. I guess I got so wrapped up in my own stuff that I forgot to think about anyone else.

Yes you did, Todd. And you're going to be consigned to the deepest pit of hell for that, aren't you?

Yeah, I guess so.

But first, why don't you post the link?

Okay, here it is:


How about I also post a picture of Donald Trump singing J-Pop?

That's fine, but you're still going to burn in eternal damnation.

That's ok, I guess.

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