Friday, January 22, 2016

The Summer of our Offense

Despite the lack of any conclusive evidence, I declare Pop Offensive's Beach Party in January--Jeff Heyman and my little experiment in climate control via pop music--a rousing success. I mean, how could such a concentrated blast of summery tunage not succeed in raising the temperature? For most of two hours, we flooded the airwaves with everything from the West Coast sun worship of the Beach Boys and Jan & Dean to sun dappled psychedelia from the British Isles. In response, a kind of mass hysteria gripped the nation, with people rushing into the frigid streets of Chicago, Denver, Dayton and New York in their bikinis and speedos, only to be immediately hospitalized with severe hypothermia. Or so I imagine.

Anyway, why not hear for yourself by streaming the episode from KGPC's Pop Offensive Archives? And if you fail to decipher the gutteral utterances coming from my flu-ravaged throat, the complete playlist is now available on the Pop Offensive Facebook Page.

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