Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Have a fa la la la Funky Bollywood Christmas!

This Christmas you can give the Bollywood lover in your life a gift that will be a gift for me also. I'm talking, of course, about Funky Bollywood: The Wild World of 1970s Indian Action Cinema, a book I wrote that is just as fresh and filled with filmi fun as it was on the day of its release back in March of this year. To refresh your memory, this is the book of which Grady Hendrix of Film Comment/Kaiju Shakedown said "reading it makes you want to fill your eyes to overflowing with all the psychedelic glories of old-school Bollywood cray-cray." Jai Arjun Singh of Open magazine said "This book is the locket fragment that helps [Stadtman] prove he is a lost-and-found sibling to us homegrown fans." Oh, and our good pal Beth over at Beth Loves Bollywood says that it is "SUPERWOW". Need I say more?

Funky Bollywood is available from all of your favorite online booksellers, and also Amazon. If your loved one is extra fancy, you can still purchase a special signed and numbered edition directly from the FAB Press website. Get it today and start planning your New Years day marathon of classic Bollywood "dishoom-dishoom!"

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