Thursday, October 29, 2015

Tonight! The POP OFFENSIVE HAUNTED HOUSE will eff you up!

Look, you know it and I know it: if you don't listen to the Pop Offensive Haunted House--streaming live from tonight at 7pm PT--all of your friends are going to call you a baby. And they'll be right. So waah waah waah, you big baby. Why don't you just run on home to your mommy? Baaaaaby.

Of course, I apologize. Because I don't need to bully you into listening. Because another thing we both know is that the Pop Offensive Haunted House is going to be awesome. How could it not, with all the scarifying songs about murder, madness and mayhem that Jeff Heyman and I have lined up for you? The only thing more scary is the thought of missing it. SO DON'T.

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