Friday, July 17, 2015

Pop Goes the Offensive.

The archived version of the latest episode of Pop Offensive is now available for streaming, so you can relive the magical evening of Tuesday, July 15, just as if you had stepped into a very limited time machine. You can find the episode here on the 9th Floor Radio site, and the complete playlist here on the Pop Offensive Facebook page.

That said, I'd like to apologize for an audio quality issue on this episode. It turned out that we were only broadcasting one channel of the music, so a couple of the songs sound a little strange. This is all part of us dealing with some new equipment in the run up to 9th Floor Radio's taking its place on the FM dial as KGPC, a full fledged broadcast station. We at Pop Offensive are very excited about this transition, even though it means that we won't be able to say "fuck" on the air anymore. Or "cock". In any case, we tracked down the cause of the glitch and it will not be repeated.

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