Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Pop Offensive is TONIGHT!

On tonight's installment of Pop Offensive, Jeff and I will be sharing some of my musical finds from Japan, as well as playing our usual foot-stomping mix of retro-licious pop, dance, and film music from around the globe. Along the way, we'll be turning the spotlight on a number of tracks that were cut from previous episodes--this usually occurring during the breathless rush of that last fifteen minutes when it suddenly dawns on us that we can't play absolutely everything. Yes, it's the long promised "white elephants" episode! Remember: we don't love them any less!

Join the fun by streaming us live from starting at 7pm Pacific time...or download it later and listen to it from a safe temporal remove (as you can with all previous episodes) at the Pop Offensive Archive. If what you hear moves you to comment, complaint, or condemnation, tweet us at @PopOffRadio.

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