Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Tonight! The 4DK Monthly Movie Shout Down throws down with SANTO AND BLUE DEMON VS. DR. FRANKENSTEIN!

That's right: Santo and Blue Demon have finally made their way to the Monthly Movie Shout Down. And it's all going down tonight!

The film is 1972's SANTO AND BLUE DEMON VS. DR. FRANKENSTEIN, a spicy combination of mad science, zombies, beast men, brain switching, sexy lady detectives, and, of course, lucha libre's very own Holmes and Watson, Santo and Blue Demon. Back in 2009, I listed this as being among the ten most essential Santo films and, believe me, I do not make such claims lightly.

Join us on Twitter tonight -- that's Tuesday, May 13th -- at 6pm PDT and, using the hashtag #4DKMSD, tweet along with us as we enjoy this Mexican wrestling movie classic together. A link to the complete feature is below:

If this post somehow leaves you wanting for information about this auspicious event, by all means please visit the official Shout Down site.

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