Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Next Tuesday: The 4DK Monthly 4DK Movie Shout Down Returns!

Make no mistake; the 4DK Monthly Movie Shout Down is no one night stand. It's the real deal! Thus we will be returning to Twitter next Tuesday, April 8 at 6pm PST sharp and -- using the hashtag #4DKMSD -- seeing what hay we can make of ATTACK OF THE SUPER MONSTERS, a heady kaiju/anime/tokusatsu hybrid that combines mations both suit- and ani- (puppet and cell!) with miniature effects to tell a tale of a crew of grumpy yet very talkative dinosaurs' efforts to bring the modern world to heel.

Here, check out this trailer I whipped up for the event, because iMovie is super easy, y'all!

As always, if you are reading this, you are welcome to join in, no matter how awful of a person you might be. All you need is a Twitter account, access to Daily Motion and the ability to launch words into the internet. Join us!

Despite my previous attempt at a trivia contest being torpedoed by my participants' resistance to SIMPLY LOOKING THE ANSWERS UP ON THE INTERNET, I will again be giving away handpicked packs of partially enjoyed DVDs from the 4DK Classics Collection™ (also known as "Todd's white elephant pile") to those who can answer the several dumb questions that I will be tossing out over the course of the movie. So bone up and don't be left empty handed!

I am confident that this next tweetalong will be the tipping point at which the Monthly Movie Shout Down goes from being simply awesome to epic. I hope that all of you will join me for this stirring moment in internet history. For more details, as well as a schedule of all of the movies we will be shouting down throughout the year, go to shout-down.com.

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