Thursday, February 23, 2012

Drive-In Mob tonight!: Kingdom of the Spiders and Empire of the Ants

Science teaches us that arachnids are staunch monarchists, while ants are proponents of territorial expansion. Neither of these geopolitical bents works out all that well for us humans, as is demonstrated in both of the features in tonight’s Drive-In Mob. First up, at 8pm EST, is Kingdom of the Spiders, followed, at around 9:30pm EST, by Empire of the Ants. Both films are available for streaming from lord internet, in the case of Kingdom of the Spiders, from YouTube, and in the case of Empire of the Ants, from Netflix Instant. All you need to do to either follow or tweet along is use the #DriveInMob hashtag on Twitter… and of course check out the official Drive In Mob site for more explicit details.


Poptique said...

There's a cow versus arachnid moment at the beginning of Kingdom of the Spiders that ranks alongside the Snow Globe start of Citizen Kane, the Odessa Steps of Battleship Potemkin and the bit in Game of Death with the cardboard cut out of Bruce Lee stuck onto a mirror, as what critics term 'Pure Cinema'.

Todd said...

If makes sense. If the spiders want to establish a kingdom, they must first eliminate their natural enemies. Like cows.