Saturday, November 19, 2011

The zenith of world culture has been achieved

I know that most of you have probably already seen both of these videos, but I feel that I would be remiss in not posting them here, because they are literally two of the best things I've seen all year.

The first is the trailer for the Ghanaian sci-fi epic 2016:

The second is the trailer for the latest effort from Dinosaur Worldwide, the folks who brought us Italian Spiderman, and it contains literally everything that a piece of filmed entertainment should:


Anonymous said...

OMGosh, DANGER 5 is going to be my new favorite movie!

Sid said...

Best two things evah, for different reasons! I have to say that I'm really attracted to retro stuff, and the faux-retro of "Danger 5" as well as Italian Spiderman was really good. I never knew that they were capable of doing this, or even the making of such retroness. With the exception of the more "bare-skin" parts of course.

Anonymous said...

I want to see Danger 5. Now!

Todd said...

From what I can gather, the first episode of Danger 5 is going to make its YouTube debut tomorrow night -- that's Monday, Nov. 21 -- at 10pm EST.