Thursday, October 27, 2011

Friday's best pop song ever


Radio Schmaydio said...

Wow, look at that set! (And I don't mean Agnetha's headlights.)

I think that's their best song, though I'm also keen on "Waterloo" and "Dancing Queen."

Did you know Frida's dad was a Nazi officer? He died in the war and there's no taint of fascism about her, but it's notable nonetheless.

Have you heard the Wondermints cover? Nice guitar jangler approach.

Todd said...

Yeah, the set is the reason I went for this over the other available video versions. From a Japanese TV special, apparently. I also love how Agnetha and Frida, while miming, seem to be trying to out-drama one another other. Bring it on!

I recall hearing that Elvis Costello covered this tune on his "Spinning Songbook" tour back in the 80s, which is another reason I'm sorry I missed that tour.

Radio Schmaydio said...

I was in LA when the spinning wheel tour happened but it sold out immediately!

He had the Bangles as go-go girls, and Tom Waits was the emcee. I remember he covered Prince's "Pop Life."