Thursday, May 19, 2011

Friday's best pop song ever: POPOCALYPSE 1984 edition, part 3

To lighten the unremittingly bleak portrait that Billy Idol's classic video paints of our civilization's inevitable, radiation steeped collapse, I recommend making farting noises during the part where he's blowing the zombies off the roof.


Radio Schmaydio said...

My personal favorite in the 80s Popocalypse video genre. I think you're obliged to mention, though, that this was directed by Tobe Hooper.

Todd said...

Good point. Another obligation fallen short of. I will report immediately to the movie bloggers' penalty box.

I actually loved this song when it first came out as a Generation X single, and then, by the time it finally became a hit in America, he'd been flogging it, remixing, and re-releasing it for so long that I felt pretty "meh" towards it. Now, with some years between, I can again appreciate that its a pretty nifty tune.