Friday, March 25, 2011

Hey, you in NYC, go to this: A DRAM FOR JAPAN

So I’m off to New York tomorrow. I’d like to say that the purpose of my visit is to attend the event that’s the subject of this post, but the sad fact is that I will be returning to California the day before it occurs. This, needless to say, kills me -- and makes it all the more imperative that you, real or imagined reader living in the Manhattan area, attend in my stead. You owe it to me!

The event is A Dram For Japan, a whisky-themed benefit for Japan earthquake and tsunami relief sponsored by Teleport City and at Tribeca’s Ward III. The date is next Saturday, April 2nd. Tickets are $30 and available through Eventbrite, with all proceeds going to the Red Cross’ Japan relief efforts. Once inside, you will be able to enjoy food, special cocktails and whisky courtesy of the hosts, listen to some groovy Japanese pop tunes spun by Keith from Teleport City, hang out with other awesome people, and participate in an auction for some fine and rare bottled spirits.

All in all, it’s a great, alcohol-soaked way to donate money to a very worthy cause, and, for us at Teleport City, a way of giving a little back to the nation that has given us Gamera, Godzilla, Jumbo Machinders, Joe Shishido’s big ol’ cheeks, Ozu, Pinky Violence, The Pinky Chicks, Dr. Gori, Kurosawas Akira and Kiyoshi, Polysics, “Wild Eyes”, The Plastics, The Sadistic Mika Band, Judy and Mary, The Peanuts, Raideen, Black Tight Killers, Pocky Sticks, Umbrella Ghosts, Sonny Chiba knocking a dude’s eyeballs out with his fist, Meiko Kaji, Branded to Kill, Space Giants, Ogon Batto, Hausu, Ramen Noodles, every toy made by Bullmark, Group Sounds, Suzukis Norifumi and Seijun, Kumi Mizuno, Kenny, “Linda Linda” by the Blue Hearts, Osamu Tezuka, Fist of the North Star, every iteration of Ultraman… [You fill in the rest.]

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