Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Going to the movies with Masala Zindabad

Beth and Amrita -- of Beth Loves Bollywood and Indiequill, respectively, and Masala Zindabad, collectively -- have an ongoing project called "Going to the Movies", in which they ask their friends in the Bollywood blogging community to talk about their experiences of watching Indian films in the theater. That's right: in the theater! With other people! Strange people!

I know. It sounds crazy to me, too. And that's why, when my turn came around, I realized that I had had very few such experiences. Nonetheless, I gave it my best shot, and you can hear the results, in podcast format, streaming for a limited time on the Masala Zindabad page.


Beth Loves Bollywood said...

Woohoo! And you're going to love next week's installment of the series, which coincides so nicely with yours.

Todd said...

Ooh, is it me again?

memsaab said...

I have only seen four Indian films in an actual cinema (three in Boston and one in India) which I think astonished Beth :) But I hate going to movies in theaters...there are too many other f'ing people in them. I love my chair and my tv.

Todd said...

I like going to movies in theaters, but I have to be highly motivated to want to spend the amount of time in a theater necessary for watching an Indian film.

Thanks to these "Going to the Movies" podcasts, I now know, when I do work up the motivation, not to go with Beth. She's a talker.