Thursday, September 9, 2010

Friday's best pop song ever: Sign of the times edition - Part II

(Sorry for the quality, but I couldn't resist this clip's Nagel-esque fembot laden awesomeness. Plus, in this case, WTF means "Why the falcon?")


Anonymous said...

Somehow, I've been oblivious to this slice of Bryan's career. My reaction was not so much WTF but WTB ("Why the beard?"). As for the falcon, I think it must be the one from "Avalon", who evidently traveled back in time to tell Bryan to shave. ;p

Radio Schmaydio said...

Nob-twiddling fembots, bird of prey and hairy Ferry!

I think that's not a falcon but an osprey (seahawk).

Todd said...

I was surprised by the beard, too. I think he kind of rocks it, though. Come on, he's Bryan Ferry!