Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Bits n' bobs

When I learned that there was a new book out called The Golden Age of Crap, I immediately thought to myself, "Say, that must be a book about direct-to-VHS horror, sci-fi and exploitation films from the 80s and early 90s". And, eerily, that turned out to be exactly the case. More importantly, The Golden Age of Crap is a book written by Nathan Shumate, webmaster of Cold Fusion Video, a long running cult cinema website that is, like Teleport City, one of the esteemed members of the B-Masters Cabal. If you’ve ever read any of Nathan’s reviews over at CFV, you know just how entertaining and informative his writing can be. So why not head over to the official Golden Age of Crap website to find out how you can secure a copy of the book for your very own?

Over at Memsaabstory, the delightful Memsaab has just reviewed one of my all time favorite Bollywood B movies, the secret-agents-meet-flying-saucers-a-go-go extravaganza Wahan Ke Log. But the fun and prizes don’t just end there. Memsaab also supplies details on how you can get your hands on a copy of a newly tweaked and English subtitled version of the film. I have often expressed the wish that someone would produce just such a version of this film, and the fact that one now exists is just further testimony to my awesome psychic powers. Tomorrow: Bourbon rain! Paychecks for watching TV! Universal donut coverage! All you have to do is believe!

In other news, there have been some big changes over at the TarsTarkas.net Blog in recent weeks. Once the only place on the web where you could go for both info about super obscure foreign trash cinema and snarky, progressively minded political commentary, the blog has now moved its political content to a new, separate site: Politisink.com. There you will find all of those features that made the TT.N blog an increasingly popular destination point, including Wingnut Web, which essentially takes extreme right wing internet chatter and gives it the MST3K treatment. Meanwhile, back at the TarsTarkas.Net main site, Tars is still doing the good work of giving unrecognized gems like Beauty’s Evil Roses the attention they so righteously deserve.

Lastly, I’d like to celebrate the fact that Yasuharu Hasebe’s gritty 1966 expose on the world of go-go dancing, killer bubblegum-wielding female ninjas, Black Tight Killers, has finally come home where it belongs. BTK is one of a small handful of films that, while seeming as if they were crafted by a benevolent god for the express purpose of being covered on Teleport City, have yet to actually be reviewed on the site. Keith has finally corrected that oversight, with a brilliant, freshly posted review that can be read here.

I’ll be back with more film reviews next week. It’s not so much that I’ve been busy, it’s just that this week I’ve been breaking in some new pants that are particularly uncomfortable, and it’s hard for me to focus on world pop cinema when all I’m really thinking is “ghuuuu…”. Look, it’s about priorities, people.


memsaab said...

Can't you just BELIEVE that your pants fit, Todd? Make it happen! You can do it!

Todd said...

I wear the pants. The pants do not wear me.