Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Amrish Puri in sexy mood

Those exact words, typed into Google, brought some optimistic soul to 4DK. In the interest of being all things to all people I have done my best to oblige. R-r-r-row!


memsaab said...

Ha ha ha! Ironically, the search term that brings the most traffic BY FAR to my blog is "Marilyn Monroe."

Go figure! Amrish Puri is definitely in a sexy mood in "Mohabbat Ke Dushman" when he gets a gander at Hema Malini. Somehow though he still just exudes evil with those eyeballs of hate!

Todd said...

Which prompted me to increase your hits by going to your site and searching for Marilyn Monroe. Nice!

I'll take your word about "Mohabbat ke Dushman". For the time being I've had about as much Amrish Puri sexiness as I can stand!