Thursday, June 25, 2009

Teleport City: Now a punditocracy

Salon film critic Andrew O'Hehir has quoted both Keith and myself in an excellent article he's just posted on the disappearance of Asian films from U.S. theater screens. (By the way, he doesn't count Slumdog Millionaire in that formulation, despite the fact that some of his readers who commented seem to think that it's an Asian film.) This is most impressive in Keith's case, because he has never actually slept with Andrew O'Hehir. Okay, I haven't either; we're just good friends.


Keith said...

I hope this goes as well as when our name got mentioned on boing boing, and a million billion people flocked to the site and caused it to crash, so anxious were they to leave comments about how dumb I am.

TheDoug said...

Thanks Todd for highlighting Andrew's great essay in the context of his Salon column. It makes some significant points relative to the demise of "decent" distributor choices when comes to importing Asian product. It was also good to hear from Grady Hendrix as well since the demise of his blog.