Friday, January 9, 2009

The British are coming... and, man, do they look ridiculous

Absurdly elfin-looking Revolutionary War era British soldiers aren't all that the Turkish fumetti adaptation Korkusuz Kaptan Swing has going for it. Or, on second thought, maybe they are. Oh, there's also a woman with huge knockers. Read my full review at Teleport City.


Rum said...

OMG!!!! They look hilarious with their silly blonde wigs, lol I'm British and Indian too so I Love any "we hate the British movies"
Is Tom Alter in this by chance?

Todd said...

Nope, no Tom Alter, I'm afraid. Though he certainly has enough facial hair to be in one of these movies. You should totally get into Turkish pulp cinema, Rum. Talk about backwass. I'd love to read your take on them.

Keith said...

Like Pinhead from Hellraiser, the Turks have such sights to show you.