Friday, January 24, 2014

It's the 5th Annual 4DK Search Term Tweet-a-thon!

Every year at this time I survey the search terms that bring people to this blog and, alongside the thrill that comes with the attention of strangers, feel a deep regret for ever having typed the word "rape" into Blogger. Seriously, pervos, I'm contemplating using some kind of code from now on -- like substituting the word "soap" for "rape", or using "r*pe" instead -- just to get you off my scent.

Thankfully, my blog's search terms also contain much of what is pure antidote to such debasement; and by that I mean poetry! It may be crude, grammatically suspect and frequently horny poetry, but it is poetry nonetheless. Which is why, this coming Sunday, January 26th at 5pm PST, I will, just as I have for five years running, take to Twitter and begin tweeting the creme de la creme of my search terms at regular intervals -- a mission at which I will prove unstoppable until 5pm the following evening.

In order to instill the most profound sense of unease in my recent followers, I will not be labeling these tweets in any way or responding to any unrelated tweets during that time. To those bloggers, webmasters and content creators out there who would like to contribute some of your own analytic bounty to the proceedings, I plead with you to do so. Feel free to either designate them as you see fit or simply forward them to me at @fourdk and I will retweet them.

4DK's Twitter feed can be found here. I hope you'll all drop by to sample the madness.


Kev D. said...

My recent highlights include:

"supersex film top hat"

"live girl sexy penis"

"boob sucking zombie"

and of course "cartoon zombie eating boobs"


Todd said...

I hate that I know what "boob sucking zombie" is referring to.

Please post those so I can retweet them!