Monday, January 27, 2014

A Tweet-a-thon remembered

I think we can say that the 5th Annual 4DK Search Term Tweet-a-thon was a resounding success, due to the fact that, for 24 hours, my Twitter feed was converted into something that read like the last paragraph of a Jim Thompson novel. Now, I'm not saying that the proceedings are becoming predictable, but I think that by now we can recognize certain recurring features...

The usual suspects:

(BTW, in case you got the impression that 2013 was free of people searching for that scene in Doodh Ka Karz where Aruna Irani feeds her breast milk to a snake, that's just because I decided not to include them this year. There was actually more than ever.)

Horny people keepin' it real:

Historical inquiry:

Strange obsessions:


Bad ideas:


Wishful thinking:




Pleas for understanding:

And of course, plenty of pure WTF:

As always, other members of the blogging community joined in and pitched their own search terms into the cacaphony. Kevin of Exploder Button, in particular, came through like a god damn boss, flooding the Twitterverse with a near constant stream of query-based effluvia. Among my favorites:

Thanks to everybody who followed along. Now get your sweaty little fingers on those keyboards and start searching. Let's all do our part to make sure that 2015's Tweet-a-thon is the GREATEST OF ALL TIME!!!!


Anonymous said...

Um, "James Garner nude"...that might have been me. I was very disappointed not to find any nekkid shots of him on your blog!

Rum said...

I think you may have created a new market for 'brain transplant pinups!"

Todd said...

I'm sorry, Mike. It was always part of 4DK's mission statement to provide our audience with as much naked Garner flesh as possible, and we have clearly failed. All the more reason to try harder than ever in 2014.

Rum! Of course you speak of Mithun's deep freeze bound grey matter from Diya aur Toofan. As pinup worthy a brain as Bollywood has ever avulsed.

Filmi~Contrast said...

These are the best. Also, I can't really judge most of these people. (Except maybe the "lesbianic extrusion" person: of which, unless my encyclopaedia of fictional sexual orientations fails me, I must condemn as a bad speller.) For instance, isn't "wishful thinking" the real reason a lot of us got into world pop cinema to begin with? ;)

Todd said...

You're absolutely right. By the way, I'm now thinking that person was maybe looking for people of "Lebanese extraction"?