Friday, January 10, 2014

The Face of MOSS

As you may have noticed, the Mysterious Order of the Skeleton Suit has many faces. For an outfit that prefers to operate under a veil of secrecy, they have a surprisingly pronounced social media presence, providing a steady stream of propaganda through accounts on Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter. Yet, while you have been distracted by those sources of amiable noise, they have metamorphosed, like a scary butterfly, into their most fearsome and all-encompassing iteration yet.

Thanks to the efforts of His Most Supremely Skeletal himself, Teleport City’s Keith Allison, the new MOSS site offers one stop shopping for much of the best cult cinema writing on the net, aggregating reviews and articles from the entirety of MOSS’s member blogs, podcasts and sites. In addition to 4DK and Teleport City, these include my brother from another mother and our joint podcast The Infernal Brains, the Cultural Gutter, the Horror!?, Exploder Button, Deadly Doll’s House of Horror Nonsense, Fist of B-List, Hammicus, Greatest Movie Ever, Monster Island Resort, Permission to Kill and, last but not least, holding down the Bollywood beat, Beth Loves Bollywood and Memsaab Story.

Let me stress that what MOSS is offering with this site is one hundred percent content. We won’t be bombarding you with listicles or nerd baiting crap about cats with tie-fighter markings, nor will we trouble you with trapdoor links to other link infested sites. If you are familiar with any of the writers and podcasters I’ve listed above, you’re probably aware that what connects us is a tendency to be substantive to a fault, no matter how outwardly trivial our subjects might appear. Now all of the products of our obsessiveness are there for your perusal, either indexed or randomized, in one place. And now that the feelings of being overwhelmed that I felt during its formative stages have started to subside, I now see it for the truly amazing thing that it is. I almost want to wallop myself with a mallet and become an amnesiac so that I, like you, can discover it anew. Enjoy!

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Chengfaust said...

Hey there Todd,
MOSS is surely a good site but this isn't why I'm commenting on this post (ah what shame, I deeply apologise). I posted a comment on an old article (2009) of you and I guess blogspot isn't telling you that you've got a new comment, so I'll try to catch your attention on your latest article.

Thank you in advance and keep posting!

Greetings Chengfaust