Monday, January 21, 2013

Nuthin' but a Tweet-a-thon

Once again the Annual 4DK Search Term Tweet-a-thon proved that treating bizarre keyword searches divorced from any mitigating context like found poetry is the absolute best use to which Twitter could possibly be put. And once again -- thanks to the united forces of horniness, borderline illiteracy and the dementia that comes from abusing office cleaning products -- we had quite an array of terms to choose from.

Some search terms presented a possibility that we’d never considered and then made us desperately wish that it was a reality:
  fred williamson supermarionation 
 While, in other cases, a simple misspelling lead to accidental genius:
 poos in boots toys 
Sometimes we saw a term that perhaps cast too wide of a net…
 ugly tarzan 
 …later refined to better produce the desired result
 fugly tarzan 
And then there were those curious trends that announced themselves, the sort that prompt the question, “seriously, what the fuck, internet?”
 best cyclops ever 
 cyclops mustache 

cyclops Olympics 

did cyclops die 

famous Cyclops 

inbred Cyclops 
And finally…
 side clops 
This year also saw quite a lot of participation of the part of our friends and colleagues in the glamorous world of movie blogging, with some representative highlights below. (New bands in search of a name, take note.)

@houseinrlyeh david warbeck toilet fight

@CulturalGutter rick moranis boycott

@TarsTarkasnet wizard of smurfs

@bethlovesbolly Distraught.

@_JohnGarden lobster filmbox

@pbngialli frankenstein nude

@fisty what kind of beer is tom towles drinking in night of the living dead 1990?

Thanks, all. It was a crazy ride. We'll see you again next year.


Roland Saint-Laurent said...

Side Clops sounds like a really shitty haircut.

Todd said...

Right? Like, "Leave the side clops, but can you do something about the ones in front?" Because fashion is fashion, but no one wants front clops.