Friday, June 5, 2015

If thy pop offend thee...

On this past Wednesday's Pop Offensive, Jeff Heyman and I once again presented our utopian vision of a world united by hummable melodies and catchy choruses, surveying the pop music output of countries as far flung as Greece, Switzerland, India, Mexico, and New Zealand. If you'd like to hear it for yourself, the episode is now available for streaming here from the 9th Floor Radio website. For those of you who'd like to experience the episode as a sort of aural listicle, the complete playlist is now available at the Pop Offensive Facebook Page.

Now, with the near-perfection of episode #14 behind us, it is time to look forward to #15, which will be the last of our two month spate of bi-weekly installments (for the time being, at least). We're going to celebrate the occasion by making this one our all girl spectacular, meaning that, for the better part of two hours, we are going to be playing nothing but girl groups, girl bands, and girl singers of every stripe, from ye ye to Japanese idols and beyond. It will be a strictly "no men allowed" affair--with, of course, the exception of the two crusty, middle-aged ones who will be spinning the discs for you. I can tell you with all honestly that I feel this will be the best episode of Pop Offensive ever. I beg you, for your own sake, not to miss it.

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