Wednesday, October 7, 2009

It's the 4DK Animalympics! Round 4

Peter from Rani aur Jaani

Skill Set: Marksmanship

In Rani Aur Jaani, Peter belongs to the character played by Aruna Irani, so he gets extra points for having a cute owner. And when his mistress's life is in danger, and the only weapon at hand is a revolver, Peter's motto seems to be, "Opposable thumbs, my ass!" Take that, Shetty! When I saw this scene I literally thought it was the most outrageous thing I'd seen in an Indian movie. And I'm talking all week!


Michael Barnum said...

I really need to take Dog Bosco to Mumbai. I am pretty darn sure he could be a star.

memsaab said...

Michael, take me and Gemma with you! She looks stunning in a dupatta wrapped as a sari, with a bindi in the middle of her little white forehead :) (Stunning, but cranky.) Best hero-heroine pair ever, I'll bet.

Todd, I had forgotten all about Peter. Need to rewatch this film ASAP. I am so glad you are doing this public service here.

Todd said...

Public service is what I'm all about. Maybe Gemma and Bosco can be part of Animalympics: The Next Generation.

Beth said...

Don't forget Leroy! He does not take kindly to costumes but he is really, really good at moving small objects around with his paws. I can just hear him thinking "If ONLY I had thumbs! If ONLY I had thumbs!"

Actually, Leroy is probably more the Rajendranath of the ani-pal world. But your pair will need a comic sidekick, so we're totally on board.