Friday, October 16, 2009

Hausu on the big screen

Janus Films is going to be rolling out Nobuhiko Obayashi's horror freakout masterpiece Hausu for screenings in select U.S. cities starting later this month and going through December. Unfortunately, San Francisco proper is not among those select cities, forcing me to travel to the 'burbs, where my power will be drained just like Ultraman when he spends too much time away from M-78. Anyway, a list of screening dates and locations can be found on the Janus website.

This information came via a Tweet from the Criterion Collection's official Twitter account. This is not the first Hausu related tweet from them, which sets me to wonderin' whether they are finally gearing up for a DVD release of the film. After all, they have reportedly been sitting on the rights to it for quite some time. No official word on that yet, as far as I can gather, but it seems that there is at least room for optimism on the subject.


Anonymous said...

I guess this finally proves that San Rafael really is cooler than San Francisco. ;)

voidmare said...

If you can't wait for the official release, we subbed some of the highlights and put them up on our blog.


Todd said...

Thanks, voidmare! I'm going to make the trek to San Rafael to see it tomorrow night. I'm way stoked.