Friday, June 6, 2008


Tao, an in-the-know reader of Wise Kwai's Thai Film Journal, has answered the call put out on Tuesday and identified the Thai character actor pictured above (the one who so captivated me with his performances in Tone and Jong-arng Payong). His stage name is Sang Tong SeeSai, a Thai phrase which translates into English as "ugly as sin". Tao was also kind enough to provide a link to this YouTube clip featuring a video montage of Sang Tong's musical moments from Tone:

Also? It's Friday. Yaayyy!

Thai Wikipedia entry re Sang Tong SeeSai


Anonymous said...

Excellent! Now, if we could only get a translation of the Wikipedia article...

Anonymous said...

I just found a picture of Sang Tong See Sai looking rather handsome!

And according to the Thai Film DB, he's appeared in many films.

Anonymous said...

Some of his CDs and another movie he appeared in are available at eThaiCD.

Rikker said...

Ask and ye shall receive. My translation of the Thai Wikipedia article (my editorial comments are in square brackets):

Sangthong Sisai was a country singer, who had the nickname "the demon-faced angel".

Sangthong Sisai was born in Chorakhe Sam Phan sub-district, U-Thong district, Suphanburi province. His real name was Piak Sihera. He had health problems since childhood, and so he found work as a spokesman, performer, singer, and salesman at temple fairs. He was especially fond of the songs of Chai Muangsingh, and could sing every one of Chai's songs.

Later, he joined Mongkol Amatayakul's band Chularatana, and had the chance to really perform Chai Muangsingh's songs [Chai Muangsingh was also a member of this band at one point, but I don't know if at the same time]. Mongkhol gave him the name Sangthong Sisai, because his hideous appearance was like the character Sangthong [from the famous play of the same name by Rama II]. He recorded his first song, "Ok Un" ["warm heart"] and began to gain fame, with such later hits as "Ning Nong" ["glockenspiel"] (written by Suchat Thianthong), "Nao Lom Hom Rak" ["the wind is cold, but love warms me"] (written by Chai Muangsingh).

In 1970, Sangthong Sisai appeared in the Piak Poster film Tone, starring Chaiya Suriyan, Aranya Namwongse, Saiyan Jantarawibul, and Jaruwan Panyopas. He sang the song "Tone" (written by Suchat Thianthong), and the film also featured songs performed by The Impossible. The film was a success, making Sangthong a well-known celebrity. He went on to act in many films.

Later on, Sangthong was convicted of attempted murder and imprisoned for a number of years. During his incarceration he continued to sing, and wrote the song "Rak Kham Kamphaeng" ["love that crosses walls"], based on his real life. It became a hit after his release and return to singing and acting.

Sangthong was married to Jantana Sisai. They had one son, "Pop" Surat Sihera (born 1969), a musician. Sangthong Sisai died around 1982 in a car accident.

Todd said...

Amazing, Rikker. Thanks so much for your efforts! The only unpleasant side effect of having this information is that I might now have nightmares about Sangthong attempted murdering me.

Anonymous said...

Wow... thanks Rikker! I sure do appreciate your translation.

Wise Kwai said...

His real life is even more tragic than his character arc in Tone.

Thanks Rikker!