Thursday, June 12, 2008

Dolphy + Bond + Batman = Huh?!

Among the staples of 1960s Filipino cinema were James Bond inspired spy movies, costumed superhero adventures, and broad parodies of Western pop culture. So guess which one of those 1966's James Batman is. Or just read my full review over at Teleport City.


Anonymous said...

I must say that I'm intrigued by James Batman--and no, not just because of the boobies!

However, I'm even more curious about the golden age of Filipino cinema in the 50s. Are any films from this era available? Any good books or websites about the films and stars?

Todd said...

In addition to Andrew Leavold's The Search for Weng Weng blog, there's Video 48 -- a blog associated with a video store in Quezon City -- that has a lot of information about classic Filipino cinema and, like Andrew's blog, a ton of great poster scans and images. Noel Vera's blog Critic After Dark also has a lot of writing about Pinoy movies (he's also written a book on the subject, though I haven't read it), and in an older post he recommends this place as a source for older films from the Philippines, though I haven't bought anything from them myself.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Todd! Those are all great links. I especially like Video 48. Lots of great stuff. I definitely need to spend a few hours browsing that blog.

KabayanCentral offers VHS transfers of classic films directly from the LVN studio, but they cost $30 and I don't even know if my VHS player works anymore. :(

But there are lots of great stills to look at in the listings for what's available.