Sunday, June 15, 2008

Listening to: Ladytron "Velocifero"

Ladytron's latest inhabits the same glacial, shoegaze-tinged, electro-pop territory as their 2005 disc Witching Hour, but, unlike its more varied predecessor, keeps the level of aggression (or, at least, Ladytron's typically cool and composed version of same) pretty much at a constant peak throughout. This set stomps through your head like a very methodically rampaging, emotionally distant Japanese robot*, the closest thing to a break coming with the Mira Aroyo fronted, baroque-pop-channeling track "Kletva". Another welcome taste of sixties influence comes with the Nancy & Lee flavored, boy-girl vocal dynamics of album closer "Versus". A thoroughly addictive listen overall. So far my favorite track is "Burning Up", which forcefully re-tables the question so eloquently posed by Witching Hour's "Destroy Everything You Touch". That being: Why the hell hasn't somebody tried to recruit this band to do a Bond theme yet?

*If you think that it's redundant to call a Japanese robot "emotionally distant", you obviously have yet to meet Robocon.

Video: Ladytron "Ghost"

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