Wednesday, January 17, 2018


Now that our country is being overrun by Norwegians in response to Mr. Trumps golden-tongued proclamation, it may be time to look at what our friends from the frigid north of Europe have to offer us.

Of course, that is not the reason that I programmed an entire evening of tunes from Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland and Iceland (though mostly Sweden, if we're being honest) for tonight's Pop Offensive. The set was, in fact, programmed a couple of months ago, then I got sick and was unable to broadcast it last month.

And the reason I programmed it that way is because I host a show about pop music and the Scandinavians are a people with pop music in their blood. If Scandinavian pop has one flaw, it may be that it is sometimes too pop: too catchy, too slick, and too upbeat. But even its most dedicated detractors have to admit that even its most cloying musical products are stunningly well crafted--all the while proclaiming that there's no way in hell that they would listen to this show. If that's you, consider yourself forewarned.

Pop Offensive goes Scando rando tonight (Wednesday, January 17th) at 7pm PT and can be streamed live from kgpc969.0rg. So why not grab yourself a plate of lutfisk, pour yourself a glass of potato vodka, and tune in.

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