Friday, January 12, 2018

Podcast on Fire's Taiwan Noir Episode #26: Nine Demons and Shanghai Thirteen

Overseeing our respective media empires takes up a lot of time in the lives of Kenny B and myself--so much that we allowed six whole months to pass between episodes of Taiwan Noir. I would say that this was inexcusable if I did not so desperately want you to excuse it. Because, if you didn't, you would miss out on this latest episode, which I think is one of our finest.

Under discussion is famed martial arts director Chang Cheh. Now, as I say in the show, I am no great fan of Chang's, but I am willing to give him props when he gets it right. And I think he pretty much gets it right with the two film we're talking about in this episode: Nine Demons (right, the one with Gary and Joey) and Shanghai Thirteen. To my mind these are two of Chang's most enjoyable films. Check it out, won't you?

And if, by the time you finish the episode, you find that you have not had quite enough of Ken and I, check out Podcast on Fire's jumbotronic Christmas episode, in which fellow co-hosts Tom K-W, East Screen West Screen's Paul Fox, and myself compete for Ken's approval in an Asian cinema-themed pub quiz. (I don't want to spoil it for you, but, if you're the gambling type, I wouldn't lay money down on yours truly, who came in a respectable fourth out of four.)

That should satisfy you until next time, which I promise will not be that far off. We're already planning episode #27 as I write, and it's going to be super boss. Believe it!

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