Thursday, April 2, 2015

Notes from the 4DKave

Photo courtesy of Greenie McGee

Almost a years ago, I told you of a vow I made to myself not to let 4DK turn into a cancer blog. I now must make a similar vow not to let it turn into a mere publicity organ for my book (FUNKY BOLLYWOOD, now available wherever fine books are sold). It's just that, well, since the book's release last week, there's just been a lot of stuff going on.

Case in point, Tuesday night's launch event. I want to thank all of you who came. I was very pleased by the turnout and the number of you who bought books. I was also flattered by the patience it took for all of you to put up with my somewhat rambling remarks when you could have instead been watching a clip of Feroz Khan driving a station wagon through the wall of a nightclub.

Photo by Erik Auerbach

I also want to thank Kasa Indian for supplying us with delicious Indian finger food and Sweetmue for the specially prepared Indian themed desserts. And, of course, Lost Weekend Video, for generously playing host to the event. As I mentioned on Tuesday, times are hard for them--as they are for most all brick and mortar video stores these days--and your support would be greatly appreciated. If you can't provide that support by simply dropping by and renting a copy of Don, Qurbani, or Geeta Mera Naam (they have the best selection of classic Bollywood movies of any local video store I can think of), they have an Indiegogo campaign that you can contribute to.

Lastly, but vastly, I would like to thank those who traveled all the way across the country to attend the event, including my boss at Teleport City, Keith Allison, whose unannounced appearance nearly rendered me incontinent with surprise. And then, of course, there is my lifelong best bud Andrew Nahem, whose design work on Funky Bollywood is being praised almost to the exclusion of any mention of the book's written contents by most reviewers.

I'll say no more about the event other than that a good time was had by all. If you missed it, rest assured that I will be setting up other Funky Bollywood related events throughout the US and beyond as the year progresses (my next scheduled is at Folio Books, in San Francisco's Noe Valley, on May 28th). I will be announcing those here... along with, needless to say, other, non Funky Bollywood related stuff.

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Mr. Cavin said...

Whoa. If you throw one of these parties in Washington, DC, I hope it's in September or later. I don't move back to the states till Labor Day, give or take.

On that note, my preordered copy of your book arrived at mom's house a couple of days ago, but I won't get to see it till August or so. Mail takes forever to get here and by then I'll just be packing-up for the other direction. Everybody's gonna know all the spoilers before I get my hands on this. Just like currently celebrated TV shows and movies. Alas.