Monday, April 6, 2015

4DK gives you reason to live for another week

With Funky Bollywood well on its way to literary infamy, it is now time to return our attention to those more routine distractions that I provide from the petty insults of daily life, two of which are coming up next week.

First of all, Tuesday, April 14th sees Tony Kendall and Brad Harris return to the 4DK Monthly Movie Shout Down in yet another antic entry in the Kommissar X series, Death is Nimble, Death is Quick. The film includes some dazzling stunts, beautiful location filming in Sri Lanka and Singapore, and all of the colorful spy-fi nonsense that made the previous Kiss Kiss, Kill Kill such a treat. As always, all you need is a Twitter account and access to YouTube to participate.

Here's a nifty trailer that someone else put together because I'm tired:

And then, on the following night, Wednesday, April 15th, Pop Offensive returns after a long absence, following the postponement of March's episode.

In honor of the book's release, this will be a special, Bollywood-themed episode, although we will still make room for plenty of the groovy pop sounds from around the world that have earned us our reputation as a show that plays that sort of thing. Per usual, the rumblings will commence at 7pm PT and continue until 9pm PT and can be streamed live from

Where do I find the time, you might ask? But, more pertinently, where will YOU find the time? Because, although participation in neither of these events is mandatory, they are both essential to your well being. Or so I've heard.

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